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Tiresome casual racism

Dear bitter middle-aged white woman who works at my local Sprouts with whom I was only making small talk to be polite: Just because my skin color is approximately the same as yours doesn't mean I want to hear your ignorant, bigoted comments such as "There are all...

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SAG screener #10: WHIPLASH

For some reason I had a built-in aversion to this film even though I had no real idea what it was about. When we found out we had to watch it as a screener we were both eager to put the viewing off as long as possible. Neither of us care much for cruelty...or jazz for...

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SAG screener #9: STILL ALICE

Not much I can write about this. I knew it would be hard to watch and trigger all sorts of personal fears, which it did. And thanks to Julianne Moore's heartbreaking performance, it was so so so real. We loved it. I cried my eyes out. Beautiful,...

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We didn't get a chance to see LOVE IS STRANGE on its initial release, but have been eagerly awaiting it on VOD. I love me some John Lithgow. His performance in THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP will forever be one of the touchstones that got me through my 20's without...

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I didn't used to see Paul Thomas Anderson films on the big screen, only discovering them on home video. I saw BOOGIE NIGHTS first (and loved it) but even so, I didn't rush out to see MAGNOLIA a couple years later, eventually catching it on VHS a year after its...

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SAG screener #8: BOYHOOD

After a break, we are finally getting back to the screeners. When I first heard about Richard Linklater's 12-year experiment I was intrigued but not overly excited to watch it. There is nothing particularly high-concept about it to tickle my fancy. It's possible I may...

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